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Helping You Start Your Business The Right Way


Are you starting a new business and are not sure where to begin? At The Walker Law Firm our Orange County and Riverside County lawyers have the knowledge and tools to help you properly set up the appropriate business entity.

In California you have a variety of entities from which to choose to protect your business and business assets. These span a wide range of options, including sole proprietorships, S and C corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures and strategic partnering relationships, professional corporations and unincorporated associations. In each case, exposure to liability must be considered when starting a business. Our attorneys will give you the advice necessary to determine which entity type is best suited for your business, based upon your financial investment and management structuring.

For more information regarding the legal issues that must be considered when starting a business, contact business formation attorneys at the Walker Law Firm today.


Starting A Business

Our lawyers represent and advise clients in business start ups and issues related to entity formation involving the following:

  • Corporations with either an “S” or “C’ federal tax election
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnerships (general or limited)

Personally Working With You To Select The Right Organizational Form

When you sit down with one of our attorneys, we will assess your business goals and needs. We will advise you about the various forms of entities available, and how each form can impact you and your business, at both the organizational and operational level. We can also discuss any potential changes you anticipate your business may face in the future, including exit strategies, and which of the various organizational forms may best facilitate the changing needs of your business.


Documenting And Formalizing Your Selection

Once an entity is selected, we will help you fulfill the formalities necessary to create the business entity, including preparing the documentation. We ensure that the multitude of steps required to form your entity are completed. We will prepare and file your organizational documents. We will draft any necessary agreements between the parties, including by-laws, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, and operating agreements. We will assist you with the formalities of issuing ownership interests in the entity.

We do more than just prepare documents. For instance, if you choose a corporation, we will walk you through step by step your initial shareholder and board of director meetings. We will also provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you know the basic ongoing operational requirements for your type of business entity.

We can also assist with any other initial business need you may have, such as pre-formation agreements, conducting trademark or trade name searches, consulting on executive and employee issues, and modifying your estate plan to address your new business.

Our attorneys will provide you with not only experience, but with the full benefit of our specialized knowledge in areas that will contribute to the success of your business. Contact our business formation attorneys for an initial consultation.


Contact Our Law Firm For A Consultation

At The Walker Law Firm, we value the relationship created with our clients. Our lawyers can handle all your legal issues, from the simple to complex. Contact an Orange County, California, attorney for an initial consultation.

Please Note: Our practice serves commercial property mangers and landlords. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASES INVOLVING RESIDENTIAL UNLAWFUL DETAINERS (residential property evictions) or represent residential tenants.

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