We are living through history with an unprecedented global health crisis.   From individuals and small businesses, all the way to the federal government, we are in a global period of uncertainty.  Unfortunately, this uncertainty not only impacts each one of us individually, but also undermines the very security that most businesses are accustomed to in Southern California.  If you are a tenant, landlord, sole proprietor or a multi-million dollar international corporation, we at The Walker Law Firm, APC are here to help.

The Walker Law Firm, APC’s experienced attorneys are prepared to help navigate the uncertainties of commercial lease agreements.  Most landlord-tenant relationships are governed by a written contract that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.  However, in light of recent uncertainties, there are numerous unexpected circumstances that must be addressed without a clear answer in the contract, including: how to pay rent, when to pay rent, who may operate a business, whether common areas are accessible,  whether an eviction or unlawful detainer is permissible under the circumstances, and whether a party is excused from following the contract.

To further complicate matters, have you considered how California’s recent executive orders, counties’ orders, local city ordinances, and the closures of the courts may impact your rights and obligations?  The solution is highly dependent upon the circumstances of your situation.  Let us help you, whether you are a commercial tenant or landlord.  We are prepared to advise you on issues of rent payment, rent collection, nuisance, premises accessibility, and other landlord-tenant disputes.

Similarly, The Walker Law Firm, APC is prepared to walk with you through the uncertainty of compliance with government orders, temporary crisis regulations and more.  For many business owners, recent government orders have a very direct impact on their obligations as an employer.  Business owners are dealing with the sudden loss of revenue and are unable to meet payroll or to maintain the same levels of employment.  Whether you are considering mandatory furloughs, or selective layoffs may have future ramifications.  How you manage employees, whether hourly, salary, or commission, full-time or part-time, wages, bonuses, paid time off (PTO), sick leave, and other issues is very important.  Let The Walker Law Firm help you find the right solution for your business.

Finally, many businesses are under the current strain of meeting contract obligations, including the production of goods, delivery of services, and other obligation.  Whether you can manufacture goods, deliver goods timely, or perform a contracted service may be highly dependent on factors outside of your control.  Knowing your contract is important and understanding how to navigate through these uncertainties can help.  For instance, does your contract excuse performance, and if so, when?  For many business, a force majeure clause has taken on sudden relevance.  Do you have a secured or unsecured interest in commercial machinery?  How do you further protect your interest?  These are some of the questions business owners are facing.  Ultimately, how you decide to respond during this time may further impact your business for years to come. The attorneys at The Walker Law Firm take a practical approach to business solutions.  We draw on years of litigation experience when counseling business owners and presenting practical solutions.

At the end of the day, we strive to help your business achieve.  Contact us today!