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What Are The Rights Of Landlords In Commercial Eviction Cases


What Is A Commercial Unlawful Detainer Or Eviction?

The Walker Law Firm represents owners and managers of commercial property. Has your commercial tenant failure to pay rent? Do you want an eviction? Unlawful detainer actions (commercial property evictions) in Orange County and Riverside County provide expedited relief for commercial landlords seeking to evict a tenant. We provide efficient and effective representation in preparation for and throughout the duration of commercial property unlawful detainer actions to obtain an Orange County eviction or a Riverside County eviction. While these proceedings are complex and involve strict filing deadlines and notice requirements, our unlawful detainer attorneys in Orange and  Riverside Counties competently manage the Unlawful Detainer action.


How Is A Commercial Eviction Processed?

California laws require proper notice be given to commercial tenants prior to commencement of an unlawful detainer action. The Walker Law Firm prepares and submits proper notice to pay rent or quit or notice to cure breach or quit upon the tenant. Following the response period, our Unlawful Detainer Attorneys proceed with filing a thorough complaint. Unlawful detainer actions involving commercial property are summary proceedings in California. Our Eviction Attorneys handle the commercial unlawful detainer actions quickly, returning possession of the property to the landlord. Our attorney’s experience in the Orange County Courts and Riverside County Courts has proven effective in helping clients avoid delays in eviction proceedings. essay on my way to school source url go high school personal statement examples cialis brandon dissertation how to write the research paper go site go define null and alternative hypothesis can you take viagra on empty stomach business essay management see where is the best zithromax online drugstore essay titles about trust secure shop how to write a simple research paper ethics mid term papers on the war in iraq celebrities and privacy essay how to write research paper pdf david kennedy thesis about international law discourse resume action phrases for collection positions essay on future of commerce education israel and the world essay in a time of crisis ornella guyot cialis Our unlawful detainer practice involves commercial property mangers and landlords with ownership in commercial properties like strip malls, industrial buildings, and small retail spaces.

(i.e Residential property evictions) 

Our unlawful detainer lawyers are committed to restoring rightful possession of commercial property to landlords in Orange County and Riverside County.


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Please Note: Our practice serves commercial property mangers and landlords. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASES INVOLVING RESIDENTIAL UNLAWFUL DETAINERS (residential property evictions) or represent residential tenants.

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