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What Is A Default Judgment?

A judgment creates a debt obligation and gives a person or entity an opportunity to take your property or money to repay the debt. Judgments are intended to be issued only after a case has been fought in court.  Unfortunately, too often, people fail to respond to a lawsuit in the required time.  When a defendant fails to respond to a lawsuit, a judgment can be entered against that defendant before the defendant can defend it self in court. This is called a Default Judgment.


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Default judgments arise for many reasons.  Sometimes a defendant does not respond because the defendant believes the dispute was already resolved.  Other times, the defendant made a simple mistake and does not respond in time. In other scenarios, a defendant does not even know about the lawsuit.  In all three scenarios, a default judgment may still be entered against the defendant for not responding.  The last thing a person (or business) wants is a judgment entered against them before having had an opportunity to tell the court their side of the story.

  • Did you believe your lawsuit was resolved?
  • Did you not know that someone sued you?
  • Did you just forget to respond to a lawsuit?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it is possible you may have a default judgment entered against you. 

At The Walker Law Firm, we understand the stress and confusion associated with having a Default Judgment entered against you. What is important is that you take immediate action to fix the Default Judgment. Whatever circumstances surround your unique situation, our experienced lawyers in Orange County and Riverside County may be able to help you set aside the Default Judgment.  Do not let another day go by. If you need help in Orange County or Riverside County regarding a Default Judgment, contact The Walker Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation.


We Know How To Set Aside Your Default Judgment

If a default judgment is entered against you, you may only have a few short days in which to act if you want the judgment set aside.  A default judgment may seem unfair, but if you wait too long, it may become impossible to fix or “vacate” the judgment. That is why it is important for you to consult with any attorney right away.

Knowing how to remove or set aside a judgment can be difficult to discern. California’s code of civil procedure, section 473 and 473.5 are to commonly cited code sections used to help a defendant set aside a default judgment.  However, if you do not know the differences, you may miss an opportunity to raise the correct issues.

To make matters worse, after a judgment is entered against you, interest may start to accrue and collections may start. This is serious and could jeopardize your own finances.  Let our experienced attorneys help you.  Contact us today and let us hear your story.


Contact Us Regarding A Default Judgment

If you want help with a Default Judgment, contact our Orange County and Riverside County attorneys today.  We will listen to your story and will analyze your unique circumstance and help you develop a plan that might result in removing an unfair Default Judgment.

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