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How Can Yo Get Relief After A Judgement?

Judgments entered in civil cases are sometimes changed or eliminated (set aside or vacated) altogether. This process occurs either in the trial court or in the appellate court. If you have had a judgment entered against you and want to know what you can do to reduce the judgment, or eliminate it altogether, The Walker Law Firm can help you evaluate your options for judgement relief. 


Do You Have A Judgement Entered Against You In Orange County or Riverside County?

Our Orange County lawyers represent businesses and individuals in judgment relief matters in both the trial courts and appellate courts. We also offer assistance for Riverside County judgement relief. The grounds for such proceedings, as well as the rules and procedures, are different in the trial court and the appellate court. Contact our judgement relief lawyers to learn more about your options.


Judgment Relief Representation Requires Understanding The Procedures In California

The type of relief sought at the trial level will depend on many factors, including:

  • Whether the judgment was entered after a jury trial or a non-jury trial
  • Whether a default judgement was entered with no notice to you
  • When the judgment was entered
  • The course of events leading to the judgment
  • The type of error claimed
  • The harm caused by the error

Judgment relief at the trial level is a thicket of rules and procedures. The inability to understand the timelines, procedures and standards can result in the inability of even a meritorious motion. Our Orange County judgement relief attorneys understand these procedures and how best to utilize them to our clients’ advantage.  We also offer representation for Riverside County judgement relief.


What Happens After A Judgement?

After a judgment is entered against you, interest may accrue up to the legal rate of 10%. You can also face a variety of collection efforts to force you to pay the judgment.  You could face a variety of debt collection consequences, including:

  • Having your income and paychecks garnished;
  • Having your car towed or repossessed;
  • Having your bank checking or savings account funds taken or levied;
  • Having a lien placed on your home or real estate;
  • Having your credit report take a hit; and
  • Most significantly, the emotional stress and anxiety that may arise from the collections process.

At The Walker Law Firm, our Orange County and Riverside County attorneys know how to attack judgments and deal with collections issues.  Let us help you. We will fight alongside you, but you MUST act quickly.  Do not wait another day.  Contact us.


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