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In Riverside County & Orange County You Need A Power Of Attorney

Planning for the future is an excellent way to ensure that your desires are carried out. A power of attorney is a useful tool that works well with the rest of your estate plan to see to it that your goals are achieved. At The Walker Law Firm, we work to understand your needs for an asset management power of attorney and a medical care power of attorney, also known as a Healthcare directive.

If you have questions regarding a power of attorney or your estate plan, The Walker Law Firm to learn more about how we can help you. Our Newport Beach attorneys will craft an effective power of attorney that fits your unique situation.

Experienced Power Of Attorney Guidance For Asset Management

A power of attorney for asset management gives you the ability to designate a trusted individual to look after your financial affairs should you become incapacitated. This person can access your money and other assets in order to ensure bills are paid and your family is kept safe.

If you should regain capacity, our team of estate planning lawyers can easily have the power over your finances given back to you. At The Walker Law Firm, we can explain how the process works and analyze your situation in order to show you the best options available.

Helping You Decide The Medical Care You Should Receive

A health care directive is an excellent way to address how you want to be treated should you become incapacitated. By laying out what procedures you want done and how you would like your health care situation handled, you can avoid having your family attempt to make these difficult decisions for you.

These documents also make it possible to select an individual who will have the ability to decide what medical treatments will be done as well. It may be best for your situation to pick a person other than your spouse in case you and your spouse become injured or incapacitated in the same accident.

Contact The Walker Law Firm In Newport Beach For Guidance Preparing Your Power Of Attorney

For assistance with your Orange County power of attorney, contact our Newport Beach law firm for skilled estate planning representation in Southern California. We also offer this representation in Riverside County.

Power Of Attorney Lawsuits

If you believe someone has abused or misused a power of attorney, relief is available in court.  Contact The Newport Beach lawyers at The Walker Law Firm for such relief in Riverside County or Orange County.

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