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How Can An Attorney Help You With A Probate Or A Trust?

From creating effective estate plans that prepare for the future, to resolving conflicts regarding unequal inheritance distributions and the legitimacy of the decedent’s will or trust, you can rely on the probate and trust law attorneys at The Walker Law Firm to provide experienced representation when dealing with these sensitive issues. 

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What Is Included In An Estate Plan?

Our lawyers are experienced in all estate planning services and will work to achieve your goals while protecting your family as well. We can guide you through the many tools that could help you plan for the future, including:

The attorneys at The Walker Law Firm handle all matters, beginning with estate planning through post-death administration issues.


What Is Trust Litigation?

Any disputes regarding the validity of the will, competency of the decedent at the time the will trust was created, rightful distribution under a trust, or any other disagreement in the management of the estate can be determined in probate or trust litigation. Our Orange County trust litigation attorneys provide experienced representation on behalf of heirs, trustees, and other interested parties involved in probate trust litigation.

We have extensive experience handling probate disputes related to complex issues such as:

  • Competency — Was your family member of sound mind when the will or trust was established?
  • Undue influence — Did someone influence your family member to change their estate plan?
  • Fiduciary breaches — Do you suspect the trustee or personal representative acted in bad faith by putting personal interests and gain before the interests of the estate and its beneficiaries?
  • Creditor claims and liability — Have you been contacted by purported creditors of the decedent?

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With an experienced lawyer from The Walker Law Firm, estate planning, probate and trust litigation can be resolved with as little strain as possible. Contact our Newport Beach law firm for skilled probate or trust dispute representation in Southern California.

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